Volunteer Opportunities

Help make Durham a Better Place to Live! 

  Do you have an interest in your LGBTQ community?

If so, attend these meetings and give your input/ideas and thoughts.  There are a lot of nice community members who participate, so you also have an opportunity to meet new and old friends as well as network.


Next meeting date: Wednesday January 4th, 2012


Upcoming meeting dates

March 7, 2012

May 2, 2012

Meetings start at 7:15pm

and adjourn at 9:00 pm



For more information email: M2M@aidsdurham.com or Region3@pflagcanada.ca

Park Outreach - Male volunteers are needed for development of the AIDS Committee of Durham Regions new Park Outreach program.   Volunteers with this outreach program will travel in teams of two to parks and other areas in Durham region where MSM (men who have sex with men) cruise. 

For more information contact Glenn at 905-576-1445 x36 or by email: M2M@aidsdurham.com  








We want volunteers to assist with:

1. Events

2. School chats with youth

3. Monthly meetings

4. Youth programs



Please consider giving a few hours a month back to the community!

It’s a great organization and that helps everyone!!

For more information please contact: Maureen Sheehy, Support & Education at 905-231-0533

or by Email: DurhamON@pflagcanada.ca




PFLAG has been there for us, now they need us to be there for them!!


Dance Volunteers - Volunteers for our LGBTQ fund raising dances are needed.   

For more information contact Glenn at 905-576-1445 x36 or by email at M2M@aidsdurham.com

Safer Sex Kit Assembler - Volunteers are always needed to assemble safer sex kits. Assembler put condom, lube and information on proper use of a condom into plastic bags and adds a label to the outside of the kit.  Assemblers are needed for MSM, Youth and African-Caribbean kit assembly.

For more information contact Glenn at 905-576-1445 x36 or by email at M2M@aidsdurham.com


Be part of our Youth Advisory Committee! - The AIDS Committee of Durham Region is looking for LIVELY, ENTHUSIASTIC and DEDICATED volunteers to sit on our Youth Advisory Committee.

The Youth Advisory Committee supports our work by helping shape and drive the programming offered by the Youth Outreach Program. If you are between the ages of 13 and 26 and you are interested in youth and HIV issues, and in making a positive impact on our communities— this is the opportunity for you!


If you're interested email us: youth@aidsduram.com, give us a call (905) 576 1445 x16 or



**We are a safe, confidential, and resourceful place for youth**


Other Opportunities - Other volunteer opportunities are available with the AIDS Committee of Durham Region for more information contact: Brianne Blackman at 905-576-1445 x33 or by email at volunteer@aidsdurham.com